Osteopathic Treatment for the Newborn

Birth is not easy on babies, and there can often be harmful structural changes that are the result.  The infant's head undergoes significant pressures as it makes its way down the birth canal.  In order to facilitate this, the infant skull is in pieces, and the bones overlap one another in order to successfully fit down the small passageway.  Sometimes the bones do not return to their natural states following delivery, especially if the labor was long or many interventions were needed.  C-section babies also have some complications due to their journey. 

All of these things can contribute to the nerves in the head functioning at a decreased or dysfunctional manner.  Some signs of this may be babies that are especially irritable or suffer from colic, have a reluctance to fall asleep at night or who regularly spit up.  Additionally, breastfeeding can be difficult to establish due to a weak suck or poor latch.  Osteopathic Treatment can fix any or all of these issues if they are stemming from structural dysfunction.

Plagiocephaly and torticollis are conditions that often improve after just a few treatments.  At The Osteopathic Way we believe treatment of infants and children is so important that we offer a significantly discounted rate for the children of our established patients.  Call us for more information.