What can I expect from my first appointment? 

If it is your first visit to The Osteopathic Way, you can expect to have a thorough medical history and physical performed by either Dr. Fischer or Dr. Knight.  The history may include many questions you have never been asked before by a physician, including an accidents or falls that may have occurred throughout your entire life.  We will also ask if you know your birth history (whether the labor was long, and how you were delivered).  It is fine if you do not know all the answers, we are just attempting to find out the most information we can in order to help you as best we can.  The physical exam will be similar to one you would have in your primary care physician's office, however will include an Osteopathic structural exam - looking at any aspect of your body that appears to be unbalanced or abnormal for your anatomy.  

The whole process will take about an hour, which will include Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment.  We will sometimes also want to examine a specific area using ultrasound, which may occur in the 1st visit but may also be scheduled for the 2nd visit depending on how long the rest of the exam takes.